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09-Sep-2017 05:27

While the 20th Century saw attempts at land reforms, instability led to a bitter Civil War lasting from 1960 to 1996 and the impact of that struggle continues to linger today.

Saint Frank has friends with tragic stories of suffering from different sides of that conflict, one that like all conflicts requires patience, understanding, and reconciliation for healing and hope.

But how the Maya got started in the first place is no less mysterious.

Now newly discovered excavations have revealed that some Mayan ceremonial plazas and pyramids are centuries older than we thought – but leave obscure why they were built.

In 1871 the efforts of the infamous Justo Rufino Barrios established coffee as the central product of the Guatemalan economy while exploiting indigenous peoples and seizing land for large scale coffee production.

In just ten years coffee was ninety percent of nation’s exports.

This makes it 200 years older than other Mayan monuments and 200 years older than the monumental constructions at La Venta.

And when you take a bag home, you’ll be helping us support the future of specialty coffees like this around the world through our One Tree For Every Bag commitment.

The Central American country of Guatemala is known for its stunning beauty, and its coffee. Here, in a secluded basin high above the sea lies a coffee-growing paradise.

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