Camesex match

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Daylight will be here in 30 minutes and he wanted to be in the stand an hour before daylight.

If Clementine denies him food, Sam will attack her due to being rejected.

“You’re an addict, Marco,” he once told me, with a junkie’s beam of confidence. We went to Chinatown, in London’s West End, for late-night noodles after I had finished service at Harveys. I was 25 years old and Alex was 21, and we managed to keep the relationship going for a year, long enough for me to propose.

“You’re an addict to the warmth,” by which he meant the stove, the cooking, the kitchen, the work. It was all those things which took me one morning to Johnny the Fish, who happened to introduce me to his secretary: Alex Mc Arthur. After dinner we went back to her flat in Kensington. Our relationship had been cemented, as they say, in less than 20 hours. One day in June 1988 we were married in Chelsea Register Office, the place where rock stars tie the knot.

The world today seems to be going all topsy-turvy because of the “Global Economy”.

Everyday I read more about cut backs here, lay-offs there and a new term that I find mildly amusing – being made redundant. Has our society become so thin skinned that we have resorted to the thesaurus to ease the pain of being fired?

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All of a sudden there I was, married to a nice middle-class girl. It was never going to last with Alex, and a couple of years after marrying we were divorced. Mine was winning three Michelin stars, and that ambition came before everything else in my life. Between wives, I went out with Nicky Barthorpe, a friend and work colleague of my former wife.Instead of saying, “Sam, I am sorry but you are no longer needed here, and your position is no longer useful to the company.” It is somehow BETTER to hear, “Sam, we are making you redundant.” I wouldn’t know what to do with that. My best friend often jokes that I am the only woman in the world who can have at the beginning of the month, and come the thirtieth I still have about .